About Material Xperience

Material Xperience is the renowned materials event for architects and other creative professionals. The event presents innovative and inspiring materials from the Materia collection and from selected partners.

Materia was founded in 1998 by Dutch designers and architects. The company is a knowledge centre for developments and innovations in materials, and their applications for architecture and design.

Material Xperience was first held in 2008. The event displays partner materials in an integrated design concept with the look and feel of and exhibition in a lounge-like setting. Partner materials are surrounded by thematically chosen materials from the Materia collection. The unique design ensures maximum contact with target groups. Over the years, exclusive lectures and the atmosphere achieved by sensory stimulation have been key to Material Xperience’s success. Visitor numbers have risen to 22.500 in 2011.

2012 marks the first edition of Material Xperience in China. Materia and VNU Exhibitions Asia have joined forces to organize the event during GBC Expo – Green Building China Expo Shanghai. At Material Xperience China, participating partners have the opportunity to show their newest products and materials to their target group of creative professionals for the first time. Therefore, Material Xperience is the perfect platform for manufacturers of innovative and inspiring products to come in direct contact with architects and other (building) specifiers. Show them the innovations, techniques and new ways of utilisation your company created to respond to the latest market developments!